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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re[2]: DBCP status?
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:32:45 GMT
Hi, all!

JMcN> I am the primary developer of the jdbc2pool and cpdsadapter packages.
JMcN> I do not see any reason to merge the code into one package with the rest
JMcN> of dbcp.  They seem packaged appropriately to me.  The main thing that
JMcN> needs to be done here is to rename the "jdbc2" in the names to something
JMcN> else.  I don't know what is a better name, but we should not release
JMcN> with "jdbc" in the class or package names.

Have looked at jdbc2pool a couple of weeks ago (we have probably both
participated in the bugzilla discussion, didn't we? :)

To me jdbc2pool looked not ready for a release.

On the other hand cpdsadapter and the rest of dbcp
looked like after a bit of work (in which Serge Knystautas
will probably participate :-) they will be quite ready for
a release.

Do you agree?

(That there may be a release soon, but without
jdbc2 part, not to hold the progress ?)

JMcN> If anyone wants to become an active developer on dbcp, they are welcome
Not right now, but the subject is certainly hot :-)

DG> As for the "deluge" of commons-dev mail, it has been suggested
DG> that DBCP move to db-commons which would alleviate that problem.
Is there much chance this will happen?

SK> Anybody know what Tomcat is using at this point?
Indeed would be interesting to see that :-)

- Anton

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