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From Anton Tagunov <>
Subject Re: [SURVEY] Commons-URI or not?
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 08:00:57 GMT
Hello Sung-Gu!

SG> I suggest that jakarta-commons provides flexible URI issue implementations
SG> as a package.

Looking forward to see it appear in jakarta-commons. :-)

BTW, do you think that (char[] data, int start, int len)
versions of methods should be included?

(Something that I'm probably doing in now for myself)

A recent test that I have carried out showed that .charAt() is
1.8 - 1.9 times slower then [] on a char array, just in case I attach
the test case. This happens because with char[] I believe each char
takes two bytes, while with String they have UTF8 and probably
have to travel the whole string from the beginning to find charAt(i).

It will be true if someone here will say that it will be premature
optimization, but if someone is mad enough :) launch a new project
for URI-s why not think of this also?

Then, it would probably be worth looking into Tomcat internals.
I believe they should some code of that kind internally too
(they have to parse URI-s). I believe they should be using
the char[] versions. Indeed some documentation even on Tomcat 3 said
that they have found the .stratsWith() and co functions to be
to slow. This means they've found found a way to speed it up.
How? I believe they have switched to char[] (don't see other way
to speed up).

Is this project going to be to ambitious to become a dependency
both for HttpClient and for Tomcat? :-))

Anyway, even if it does not become one, it would be good to
a code of equal quality in it.

WBR, Anton

P.S. Just a side-note (the overall ideal of the subproject
is very much welcomed :) is there going to be any overlap with
the code project in coding/decoding the uri-s?

HttpClient have just donated something there..

And there are some
EscapeUtils in lang, aren't there?

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