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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [math] mavenization?
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 11:50:57 GMT

On Thu, 15 May 2003, robert burrell donkin wrote:

> On Thursday, May 15, 2003, at 07:37 AM, wrote:
> i think that there are a two separate issues here.


> the first is the skinning. some pages use the 'white' or jakarta look.
> others use the 'blue' or mavenized look. the issue here probably isn't
> maven....<snip>

Yep. The majority are now mavenised now, so I think it might not be as
politically hard as it seems to move to maven l&f.

> the second is the way that the site is linked together. maven generated
> components don't contain any links back into the commons site or to the
> information held there. unless you know how jakarta and the commons is

Some do, but not in any kind of uniform way.

> organized, it can be hard to work out that a component is part of the
> commons and it's even harder to find the common information pertaining to
> all projects. non-mavenized components use the jakarta-commons layout and
> are much better linked into the whole.
> i wonder whether it might be possible to provide a common (and centrally
> maintained) section for the maven generated sidebar which contained links
> back into information held on the main commons site.

It would be cool, being able to inherit a section into the top of the

I think we need to drop the list of sibling components from the left hand
bar in Commons projects. It is getting too large anyway and would mean
redeploying the Commons site with each maven site generation, so a bit
heavy on a machine/bandwidth.


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