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From "Brent Worden" <>
Subject RE: [math] log representaion of sums was:Re: [math] Priorities, help needed
Date Sat, 24 May 2003 04:40:55 GMT
> One more thing.  Before deciding to change implementation, it would be
> nice to run some benchmarks (or get some definitive references) to see
> what the performance difference will be. I suspect that the sum of logs
> approach may actually be slower, but I have no idea by how much.
> Phil

Agreed.  I would like to add that I think we're a little overly concerned
about the actual implementation of the algorithm.  In these early stages of
the project, I think it's wiser to spend time discussing the evolving design
and API.  In the end, that is how people will judge the value of this
project.  People will care far less about how rock-solid the geometric mean
algorithm is compared to how many features does it provide and how easy is
it to use.

These discussions will eventually need to take place, but I don't think now
is the time.  The geometric mean works now for most all valid data sets and
works well enough in terms of accuracy.  The only reason now to change it is
if the Univariate implementation design changes, requiring rework of all the

Brent Worden

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