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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: [validator] PATCH - add switch to to allow filtering out success results
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 17:04:06 GMT
Please create a bugzilla ticket for this and attach your patch to it.  
Otherwise, it will get lost in the email shuffle.


>Hi all (special shout out to Alex Chaffee!),
>Here's a patch we have applied to our local tree to allow filtering out
>success results (is there a use case for knowing that your input *did*
>pass validation rules that wouldn't be better handled by trace debugging?
>No new is good news...)
>AFAICT, it should be perfectly binary- and source- compatible w/ existing
>Please feel free to include it in the distribution.
>There are other changes I was thinking of making as well, but thought they
>might prove to me rather more controversial:
>1) In ValidatorResult, there is an unused protected member called Field --
>unused except by the constructor, which requires clients to pass it in
>even though it will never be used. I don't know whether there are clients
>out there subclassing ValidatorResult and using this, but if there are
>good design says they should be refactored and add it to their own
>LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO: I have received an explicit waiver of any Nationwide
>Appraisal Services Corp. IP rights over the software expressed in the
>patch from Kevin Kelly, VP and MIS director of Nationwide Appraisal
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