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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [math] Re: [PROPOSAL] Commons-math -- organization of initial code base
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 09:07:50 GMT
On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 02:41 AM, Phil Steitz wrote:

> robert burrell donkin wrote:


>> i think i like the idea of breaking down into relatively self-contained 
>> sub-packages. it seems that there might be later a need to be able to 
>> break down into smaller, self contained libraries and if we're 
>> disciplined from the start that's got to help.
> Yes.  That was the idea of the "straw man" below.  I really think that it 
> will help us, both in terms of organization and focus.  Honestly, however,
>  I am not 100% sure that the structure below is best.  I tried to strike 
> a balance between how mathematicians divide up the world and how users of 
> math libraries would like to see things. I am curious as to what others 
> think of this.

in terms of what i've learnt about what users (or at least those users who 
care enough to post comments) want:

1. the ability to roll small independent sub-libraries is important.
2. documentation is the key. provided that the division into packages has 
a clear plan and the top level package documentation provides an index, 
the organization is less important to users than it is to developers. 
ideally, the organization should reflect a developer's view making it 
easier for developers to understand the code and submit patches.

it's also often easier to refactor later once momentum (both in terms of 
participation and quantity of code) has built up.

i'd also be interested to know what other people think.

- robert

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