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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Re: [validator] making dtds available on the website
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 13:59:40 GMT
David Graham wrote:
>> Since Validator reads the DTD from the Jar file why do we need the web 
>> site version ?
>> Is that just for XML editors so they can check the Validity ?
> The fully built validator reads it from the jar but there is no jar when 
> in development.  Also, the web version is a last resort for finding the 
> DTD.

If you are referring to unit test execution, putting the DTDs on the 
classpath lets you work with Class.getResource() in the same way as you 
can after the JAR has been built. For example, just copy them in the 
correct package in the classes folder (into which you compiled the 
validator classes to) before running the tests. [Note sure if you can do 
that with Maven, but with Ant it's a snap]

This is not an argument against putting the DTDs on the website, which I 
personally consider good practice.


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