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From Rob Leland <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-commons/validator build.xml
Date Mon, 19 May 2003 01:33:36 GMT
David Graham wrote:

>> Commons Validator is already javascript aware !
>> The o.a.c.v.ValidatorAction already had setJavascript() which holds 
>> the entire js function
>> as a string.
>> This merely adds defaults for these Js validations, which can still 
>> be overridden.
>> It does not requrie a user of the framework to use JS validations, 
>> nor does
>> it require a javascript definition to exist.
> Are you planning on removing the javascript declarations from Struts?  

That was the plan after 1.1 goes out, or we get a 1.1 branch and I'll 
make changes in the head.

> Maintaining 2 copies is not a good idea.  I'm fine with providing 
> defaults as long as we're not maintaining 2 sets. 


I have been testing with a modified version of Struts validator-rules.xml.
But as you pointed we don't want any struts specific stuff creeping in !


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