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From Jeremias Maerki <>
Subject Re: [sandbox] Request for karma
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 15:41:36 GMT

On 06.05.2003 17:24:38 Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
> Welcome Jeremias!
> I've updated your karma so you have access to this repository,


> but there's
> one remaining infrastructure detail to deal with -- the way that unix
> groups are set up on  There's a group for each project
> (for our purposes, jakarta and xml are the relevant ones), plus a group
> for all people with CVS commit access (apcvs).  CVS repositories have a
> group ownership by ... you guessed it ... the relevant project.  Thus,
> jakarta-commons-sandbox currently has a group owner of "jakarta", and
> Jeremias still can't access it.
> I can think of two options to deal with this:
> (1) Have each XML (or wherever) committer also ask to be added
>     to the "jakarta" group when they want access to
>     jakarta-commons-sandbox.
> (2) Change the group ownership of jakarta-commons-sandbox
>     from "jakarta" to "apcvs" so it automatically includes
>     everyone.
> The latter option is what happened to Gump when it was decided that all
> Apache committers could update it; therefore, I recommend we go that way.
> What do you think?

Yes, I agree that (2) is probably best.

Jeremias Maerki

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