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From Juancarlo AƱez <>
Subject About the Status of JRCS
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 15:32:48 GMT

I just finished adding a cleanroom implementation of Gene Meyers' excellent
differencing algorithm to org.apache.commons.jrcs.diff (we couldn't use the
one found on the net because it is LGPL). Before that, Brian MacBride had
refactored the library to implement the Algorithm and Visitor patterns, so
differencing algorithms were pluggable, and so traversing of the resulting
diff could be done for different purposes.

The SimpleDiff algorithm can compare any two arrays of Objects for which
hashCode() and equals() are defined. The MeyersDiff algorithm requires
equals() only.

The library is quite stable right now, but there are administrative tasks
pending, for which I ask your help.

1) The library is stable, but it remains in the sandbox, without a home page
at Jakarta. I don't have the slightest idea bout how to make the project
visible there. In the mean time, I've kept maintaining my page at Help with this would be appreciated.

2) Many JRCS users have come to the library looking only for a good diff
tool. Some of those users have suggested that org.apache.commons.jrcs.diff
should be made a top level Commons project and placed in
org.apache.commons.diff. I'm +1 with that.



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