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From Leo Simons <>
Subject opening up jakarta-commons-sandbox
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2003 10:24:17 GMT
Hi gang,

I understand from Nicola Ken that y'all agreed to and voted on opening 
up the commons sandbox to people who are not jakarta committers, but 
this was not finalized. If that's correct, it'd be nice if it were (so 
avalon committers who are not jakarta committers can work with all the 
people over here, inside that sandbox, for example, which is why it 
popped up on dev@avalon).

To make that happen, someone who is ideally both on the jakarta PMC and 
a jakarta-commons committer should send a request to to change the cvs avail file to grant all 
apache committers access, ie

from: <someone>
subject: please update avail info for jakarta-commons-sandbox

Hi infrastructure,

we have voted to open up the jakarta commons sandbox to all apache 
committers. Can someone please change the cvs avail file accordingly, ie 
update the entry for jakarta-commons-sandbox to


thanks, best regards,

<someone>, jakarta-commons committer and Jakarta PMC member

of course, the danger exists there is someone on this list who is an 
apcvs admin who will Just Do It(tm) (fingers crossed ;).

cheers and happy easter,

- Leo Simons

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