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From Vic Cekvenich>
Subject Re: [COLLECTIONS] Some more lobbying for the OrderedSet class
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 19:13:06 GMT
In JDK 1.5 a collections from a FREE package by Doug Lea will be included.

So... maybe collections should look at it? And not duplicate.


Henri Yandell wrote:
> Feel free to go ahead. While I'd love to try and make Collections
> feel simpler to me [and hopefully everyone else?], Lang and Taglibs are
> both taking priority for me at the moment.
> Just as long as the implementation of OrderedSet and UniqueList, or just
> ListSet if the interfaces may be combined, does not force the usage of a
> particular underlying implementation, then I'm +1 :)
> Does it make sense to have a ListSet that implements both interfaces? A
> join as such. Set as an interface is a superclass API-wise of List [or
> could be]. The only difference is that Set has a contract of uniqueness.
> My head is hurting from humidity [why oh why did I move to the US Deep
> South], but it seems that:
> UniqueList extends ProxyList implements Set
> makes a lot of sense here?
> If I have an ordered-set, is there any reason why I would not want the
> extra methods from the List API? The only reason I can think of is that I
> might not want to deal with the extra coding.
> Oh, one other reason comes from wrappability. UniqueList makes it obvious
> that it is going to wrap a List and just implement some contractual checks
> to stop checking things in. How would a UniqueList wrap a Set? Or
> OrderedSet if we want to call it that while considering it in Set context.
> Assuming you've implemented it similar to how I implemented my own
> OrderedSet, as an ArrayList that pretends to be a Set, I think that
> OrderedSet is the wrong name and UniqueList is better.
> Another question that has probably been asked, is why don't we just have a
> method on CollectionUtils which returns a PredicateList with a
> UniquePredicate that is called:   createUniqueList/createOrderedSet?
> I guess I'm still trying to boil the Jakarta Collections API down to a
> series of basic tenets.
> Sorry for babbling,
> Hen
> On Thu, 17 Apr 2003 wrote:
>>FYI, I support the adding of OrderedSet to [collections]. I have held
>>off because Henri made some indications that he was going to add full
>>support for this concept as a decorator. I didn't want two competing
>>implementations. Henri??
>>(LinkedHashSet is JDK1.4, so is only relevant for [collections]
>>discussions as an aside. I don't think you can get the class for
>>earlier JDKs.)
>>> from:    "Henning P. Schmiedehausen" <>
>>> date:    Thu, 17 Apr 2003 10:01:10
>>> to:
>>> subject: Re: [COLLECTIONS] Some more lobbying for the OrderedSet class
>>>Emmanuel Bourg <> writes:
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>>>>What's the difference with the behaviour of the LinkedHashSet ?
>>>didn't know about that one, right. Its properties sound like the
>>>OrderedSet, right. However, it is JDK 1.4 only and at least for
>>>Turbine and Torque we won't go 1.4 only (yet).
>>>Do you know whether there is an "addon" package from Sun containing
>>>this class available for JDK 1.3 ?
>>>	Regards
>>>		Henning
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