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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject [general] Releases and /commons/releases.html
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 05:42:59 GMT
There are few small errors I found in the doc:

- step 9.  there is no zip on, so the zip should be 
created on a different machine.

- the locations are not update to the dist/ layout ( on For now I uploaded the binaries for modeler
on jakarta/build ( next to the previous release ). Not sure if 
dist/ is supposed to be used for milestones or only for final releases,
Most of the files in dist/ are releases, but apr and avalon seem to
have alphas and betas too, and I assume milestones fit the same pattern.

- this was discussed many times before, but including the sources in
the binary packages may be a very good idea. While debugging problems 
in mx4j, the sources that are included helped me a lot. If we also
distribute the .jar, the size of the .tar.gz is less important.

I'm still waiting for more votes on the policy for distribution of .jar
files - for modeler I created the jar ( I consider it a binary and I know
no rule to disallow its release, even if other releases don't distribute
jars yet or we don't have a rule to specify this ). So far there are 3 +1
votes and one -1 vote, please vote.


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