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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [modeler][VOTE] Release plan for modeler1.1
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 05:28:17 GMT
I tagged MODELER_1_1_M1 and uploaded the files at:

Please download it and make sure it works for you. I'll wait few days and
test it with the main "test suite" ( tomcat5 ), then update the site and
make the announcement. 

So far I traced one serious problem with notifications in MX4J1.1.1+ - and
it's clearly a bug in mx4j, with no easy workaround. I sent a patch, all
we can do is wait for their next release. Until then - notifications won't 
work with mx4j. JMX-RI and Jboss JMX are passing all the tests.
Also tomcat41 and tomcat5 are working fine.

I updated the javadocs - and marked the public methods with @since 1.1
All methods not marked with @since are internal ( and will probably be
removed or changed as we update tomcat ).

All methods in 1.0 should be working. Most of the static methods are marked
as deprecated, and replaced with instance methods and one static
getRegistry() method that should be able to deal with the container case. 
Modeler will probably be needed in the common loader in tomcat, and now it
should be useable from webapps without danger to the tomcat internals. 

I did few fixes to the persistence and remote mbeans - but those should be
still considered experimental. I'll try in the next days to make them more 
independent, as regular mbeans. Registry itself is now an mbean and can be 
used as such.


Costin Manolache wrote:

> Commons-modeler had a significant number of bugfixes and enhancements.
> The code is not yet frozen, but most of the features are stable.
> I would like to propose we release commons-modeler1.1_M1 as a milestone,
> in order for people to test the new features.
> Modler supports all the APIs in 1.0, so there is no need for a change in
> the major number.
> I updated the release-notes, there are no open bugs. I'm volunteering as
> release manager if nobody else is willing to help.
> Costin

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