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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: [collections] Collections Next Gen
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 17:03:37 GMT
The Java collections all use your number 1 approach.  I believe it would be 
very confusing for users if commons-collections behaved differently.  An 
example of the Java collections wrapping technique is 
Collections.synchronizedMap(Map).  Using this technique would be familiar 
and easy to understand for users.


>From: Henri Yandell <>
>Reply-To: "Jakarta Commons Developers List" 
>To: Jakarta Commons Developers List <>
>Subject: [collections] Collections Next Gen
>Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 11:54:47 -0500 (EST)
>I'm aiming to restructure the Collections API a bit. Basically an
>annoyance at things like:
>SequencedHashMap, when the Hash part of it shouldn't be there. Ditto for
>MultiHashMap etc etc.
>I've one question I'd like to air-out first though:
>ProxyMap has a constructor which takes a Map. It uses this map as the map
>it will proxy to. This is against the Collections spec, which says that a
>java.util.Map implementation [and other Collections] should treat a
>constructor argument of a Map as values to copy across. ie) copy-by-value
>rather than copy-by-reference I guess.
>I'd like to standardise this as either something we obey, or don't obey.
>Personally I've never liked it and not obeyed it, as a putAll or addAll
>method easily handles this functionality. Usually the Collections project
>has obeyed it however, as it is an unwritten part of the specification we
>are obeying. It seems we have three options I think:
>1) We strictly obey the specification. A collection-type parameter to a
>constructor is a copy-by-value.
>2) We strictly obey our own specification, saying that collection-type
>parameters mean wrapping.
>3) Any extension of ProxyMap uses copy-by-reference as its specification.
>So when I pass a HashMap() into a SequencedMap, it uses that HashMap as
>its underlying structure.
>    Any other extension of a Map uses copy-by-value, so if I pass a HashMap
>into a new FastHashMap, it copies the values from the HashMap into the
>I prefer number 3. My aim is to make the majority of the Collections
>classes extensions of ProxyXxx classes. Anyone -1?
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