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From "David Graham" <>
Subject RE: [digester] RegexRules
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 20:40:46 GMT
>I'd be in favour of a basic API :) Am happy to help work on it. I doubt
>that Jakarta will be moving to 1.4-only for a long time to come.In fact, I
>doubt that there will be that many 1.4-only libraries out there, not until
>we get Java 3 and we all migrate to 1.7 [made up] in the same way we all

If a Jakarta project doesn't want to depend on Java 1.4 then it can choose 
one of the other regex packages.  I don't see a need to wrap a layer around 
regular expression implementations where speed is of great importance.

>How is Regexp different from Logging?

As I understand it, Log4J was not considered by Sun for logging.  This 
angered Log4J developers and fans and Apache ultimately voted against the 
logging JCP.  So, now we have commons-logging to support Log4J and JDK 1.4 
logging.  Also, logging is not speed sensitive like regular expressions.


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