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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [Lang] proposed math extensions
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2003 19:36:11 GMT
I have code (and tests :-) for each of the following that I would be 
willing to contribute.  Is any of this appropriate for lang.math?

1. Generate random numbers from Gaussian, Exponential, Poisson, 
Binomial, Geometric, or HyperGeometric distributions.
2. Use SecureRandom to provide cryptographically secure random sequences 
for each of the above, plus the stuff already in RandomUtils, plus 
secure random strings (useful for generating "unpredictable" session id's)
3. Compute binomial coeffiecients and binomial, geometric, 
hypergeometric densities
4. Generate univariate statistics or frequency distributions from input data

I could include the stuff in a patch to math.RandomUtils.  Not sure 
where (if anywhere) the other things belong.

I would also like to see math.RandomUtils modified to support the following:
a) reseeding the Random number generator. I could submit a patch to do 
this by adding a static Random to use in generating the uniform variates 
in place of math.random().
b) add nextInt(min,max) (inclusive) and/or nextInt(IntRange r)
I could submit a patch for this small extension as well.


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