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From Richard <>
Subject Validator- caching bean reflected getter and setter methods
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 11:12:27 GMT

I'm new to validator but I'm getting to grips with it, its a great tool.

I'm interested in the function:
 ValidatorUtil.getValueAsString(Object bean, String property).

it uses the struts method:
PropertyUtils.getProperty(bean, property);

I've not read through the code for this function but presume it does not 
cache the get and set methods (its static). This could be sped up 
significantly if the methods were cached I think. something allong the 

    if (classMethods.containsKey(className)) {
      //get reference to method caches for class
      readMethod  = 
      writeMethod = 

Let me know if this would be a good idea....



Richard Halldearn
OneContent Developer

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