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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [digester] warning of unknown elements and attributes
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2003 10:13:09 GMT
hi james

i like the sound of these ideas :)

the way i'd prefer the no-matching-rules issue to be resolved would be 
through a new Rules implementation. this would wrap another Rules 
implementation and allow rules to be registered which would be called when 
the wrapped implementation returns no matches. i think that this would be 
easy to implement (i might even get round to it soonish), be useful in 
other situations (as well as validation) and allow the flexibility to 
mix-and-match this behaviour with existing Rules implementations.

i like the idea of a callback method on digester for Rule implementations 
that cannot execute correctly. this would give a lot more flexibility for 
digester subclasses (for example) to vary this behaviour from logging to 
doing clever stuff using (for example) the Document Locator. maybe a 
little though about the interface for this method may pay dividends in the 
long run (i'm want to cut a new release very soon since the latest release 
has a few incompatibilities). but i'd say we only need one since the 
no-matching-rules issue can (i think) be handled by creating a Rules 
implementation along the lines i suggest above.

BTW don't forget to add your name to the STATUS file. the more the merrier 

- robert

On Wednesday, April 16, 2003, at 12:49 PM, James Strachan wrote:

> I'd like digester to be able to warn if a user makes a typeo in an XML 
> document, typing the wrong element or attribute name. Often digester 
> files have a dynamic schema based on the classes used (e.g. when 
> overriding the implementation class of a bean, the properties can change)
>  so using traditional fixed schema/DTD approaches don't work.
> From looking at the current digester code this looks fairly easily 
> possible; I was just checking if anyone had figured out a way to do this 
> anyway using the current RuleSet stuff. e.g. can you specify a rule to be 
> fired only if no other rules are fired?
> I was suspecting that the above wasn't possible and so was thinking of 
> adding 2 callbacks into Digester for when no rule is found, or when some 
> rules (like SetObjectProperties) finds an unknown attribute - so that 
> applications can decide how best to treat these warning conditions. Then 
> the default implementation of these methods could just do some logging of 
> a warning to commons-logging.
> Has anyone attempted something like this before (just trying to avoid 
> duplicating work). Or any other thoughts on this?
> James
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