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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject [FileUpload] Changes committed
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2003 17:41:19 GMT
I've committed the bulk of the changes for FileUpload 1.0 Beta 2, but the
commit message was rejected because it was too big, so here are the notes
from that message:

Changes to support more general extensions of FileUpload, better control
over individual upload requests, and better error handling.
 - Split out disk-based repository implementation from a generic
   implementation that does not make assumptions about how uploaded files
   are stored (or even if they are). Most clients should now use
   DiskFileUpload rather than the more generic FileUpload.
 - Use a factory to create new file items, thus permitting the factory
   to be configured independently of FileUpload, and the file items to be
   provided with more context (for example, a database connection).
 - The size threshold now applies to individual form items, rather than
   to the request as a whole. (PR #17044, reported by Faustas Zilinskas)
 - Resolve several path and file name issues related to individual file
   items. (PR #17872, reported by Brent Verner)
 - Catch and handle specific exceptions, rather than generic ones.
   (PR #18265, reported by David Graham)
 - New unit tests for new and changed functionality.
 - Minor documentation updates (although more are needed).

Martin Cooper

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