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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: Struts Validator, Help!!!
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2003 18:02:52 GMT

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Clint David Myers wrote:

> I have a question...
> Is it possible for the Struts validator to perform only a subset of the defined validations
with the "validation.xml" file?

The Validator is here in Commons because it is not Struts-specific - it's
not the Struts Validator, it's the Commons Validator. ;-)

That said, your question appears to be about Struts-specific usage of the
Validator, in which case you will likely get a much better response to
your question if you post it to the struts-user mailing list.

Martin Cooper

> Here is a scenerio.
> Lets say I have a page that has 15 fields.
> A design requirement comes along for a WAP implementation. In that requirement I will
> the original screen into 3 screens, each with five fields. All three screens obviously
share the same
> form object.
> I want to reuse the original save action that the original screen used. I can chain all
three pages together, so
> that the first two screens have a "next" button, while the last has the "save" button.
The two "next" buttons
> simply utilize a generic success based action. No real logic is performed, but this allows
me to collect
> my data into the commonly shared form. Finally on the last screen I can invoke the standard
"save" action
> with no changes.
> The problem is that now the validations need to fall across multiple pages instead of
just one page. How
> can I accomplish this. I know I can allow all of the validations to occur or none at
all, but how can I perform
> these 5 then another 5, then the last 5 with the Struts validator.
> Look forward to your reply :)

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