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From Albert Kwong <>
Subject [jelly] Memory Leakage
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 00:41:08 GMT
Dear Jelly Developers,

    There is memory leakage in the jelly engine.  It
can be observed when jelly is used as the view engine
in web applications.

    Going through the code, it seems that the source
of the problem is the TagScript class, which uses bidi
references to record parent-child tag relationships.

    Before I can fix it, I will need to better
understand the life cycle of Script objects.  Are
Script objects intended to be reusable and
thread-safe?  How about implementing a release()
operation for releasing references at the end of the
Script life cycle?  What would be the existing
developer's concern?

    I like Jelly a lot and believe that it will be the
best alternative to JSP... once the memory leakage is
fixed. ;)


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