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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject Re: [mavenized commons][HELP] logging/discovery needs help
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 19:01:44 GMT
There are a lot of minor issues like this in the jakarta commons website.

For what it's worth, my preference would be to:

1) By strong convention, place the component pages at<component>/index.html instead of<component>.html

2) Generate these pages by whatever build script suits the component
development team ("maven site", "ant xdoc", what have you)

3) Publish those docs "manually" via scp rather than checking them in to
cvs and using cvs update for the publish (i.e., remove

While the "image of the website in CVS" provides some utility, I think the
costs far outweigh the benefits.  Going through CVS is a major hassle (for
the committer and anyone who does a checkout) when dealing with lots of
generated files (e.g., javadocs, source xrefs, test coverage reports).

I think simplifing the publication process would lead to more complete,
up-to-date and generally useful pages on the site.

 - Rod <>

On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Richard Sitze wrote:

> Robert has completed most of the work for releasing discovery.  I think
> we're at a point where we need to decide what the "right" thing to do is.
> There are some interesting inconsistencies on the site:
> We have two web pages for discovery:
> [references
> discovery/apidocs/index.html]
> [references
> apidocs/index.html]
> Both reference ONE versions of the api:
> which is out-of-date.  Comment was:
> > i've updated the commons web page. i haven't touched the api docs since
> it
> > appears that these are maven generated and when i ran maven, the
> logging-1.
> > 0.3 release hadn't been uploaded yet. the maven generated ones and the
> > site reflect CVS HEAD. i could probably find somewhere to add the static
> > api docs from the latest release if you'd rather.
> So, I went browsing through logging, and I find (again) two versions of
> the web pages:
>         [references
> logging/api/index.html]
>   [references
> apidocs/index.html]
> and here the api's referenced are not in-sync:
> is up-to-date,
> while
> is
> out-of-date
> Do we want the (apparently) maven generated apidocs, or the static
> generated, or both?  I believe the answer is that we want one, referenced
> by both pages, and that we need to cleanup the logging website.
> Advice is solicited!
> *******************************************
> Richard A. Sitze
> IBM WebSphere WebServices Development

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