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From Sandra Mema <>
Subject [beanutils] Uppercased PropertiyDescriptor
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:09:29 GMT
 Working with Digester trying to process such a XML
 we are not able to populate the bean for the fields
 BestBid and Fragile. The reason is that in the
 PropertyUtils.class form BeanUtils the method
 getPropertyDescriptor(... , ...)  will get the
 property descriptor from java.beans.BeanInfo as they
 are read for it, as follow:
     setBestBid -------> bestBid
 without considering the uppercasing variant. I have
 patch the method for my porposes so it consider the
 diferent variants like :  <aDRESS , <Adress
 Should I report it as a bug or it is actually my XML
 file not in accordance with the standard?


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