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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] Delegating Class' Purpose
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 19:37:27 GMT
The delegating classes provide a common base for classes that want to
override some but not all behaviours of a given type via composition.  For
example, without DelgatingConnection, there would be a lot of trivial but
duplicated code between PoolableConnection and PoolingConnection.

On a related note, around the time the AbandonedObjectPool support was
added, changes were made to the DelegatingXxx to make them more than
simple proxies.  I'd like to undo that change as well, and move them all
to jdbc-proxy type component over in db-commons, because they'd be useful
for all kinds of things.

- Rod <>

On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, David Graham wrote:

> What is the purpose of the various Delegating* classes?  I'm having trouble
> seeing why a connection pooling package needs, for example, a Connection
> implementation that wraps another Connection object but isn't poolable.
> Can't we just use the Connection that the driver returns directly?  The
> Poolable* classes make sense to me but can someone please explain the
> Delegating classes?
> Thanks,
> David
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