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From Jonathan Corbin <>
Subject possible code donation
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 19:23:15 GMT

I'd like to donate a program I wrote to the commons project if there's 
interest.  I call it BeanGen, and it generates java beans from xml files at 
compile time.

The base functionality is to read an xml file, take information about the 
fields and their types, and spit out a java file.  It can also connect to a 
database and pull fields from there.  So you could say
<table name="blah"/>
and the program would connect to the database, get the metadata from table 
blah, translate them to java types, and spit out the bean with the 
appropriate properties.

You can further specify to exclude fields from the table, or add additional 
fields, or override the types on specific fields, etc.

If there's interest in this here, I'd like to donate the code.  I wrote it 
while working for a previous employer (the Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, and I recently received permission to do an open source 
release.  One GPL file was used in the program; I received permission from 
the author of that file this morning to relicense it under the apache license 
so I could donate it with the rest of my code.

I know there's guidelines and stuff here for how code is supposed to be laid 
out.  I'm willing to do any reformatting necessary to comply, if someone will 
point me where these guidelines are specified.

All that being said, if there's not interest here, I'll most likely do my own 
LGPL release.

Jonboy Corbin

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