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From "Chris Halstead" <>
Subject [Patch] Patch for proposed instrumentation additions to Pool and DBCP
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 02:20:34 GMT
As I discussed in my previous e-mail to the Commons-user list, I'd like to
propose some additional metrics in o.a.c.dbcp.BasicDataSource.
Specifically, I'd like to expose totalBorrowed, totalReturned and peakActive
metrics from the underlying GenericObjectPool.

The attached patches are for GenericObjectPool and BasicDataSource.  If
approved, similar changes to those in GenericObjectPool would be needed in
the following classes so far as I can tell:


I think the class o.a.c.dbpc.jdbc2pool.Jdbc2PoolDataSource would also need
to have similar changes to those made in BasicDataSource, but I'm not quite
as sure about that one.

I think I made the diff files correctly (orig->new)...let me know if I did
not.  Also, I can send patch files for the other ObjectPool classes if need



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