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From (Jeffrey D. Brekke)
Subject Re: Adding TERMINAL-TYPE option to TelnetClient
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 05:05:40 GMT

Sounds like a fine idea.  If you provide a patch ( even better when it
comes with tests ) we can look it over.


>>>>> On Mon, 10 Mar 2003 16:05:24 +0100, "" <>

> Hi: In order to fix a problem while connecting to an OpenVMS server
> (delay of the OpenVMS login process when the terminal type is
> unknown) I added support of the TERMINAL-TYPE telnet option, RFC
> 1091 to the TelnetClient class of the Commons Net library
> (

> A brief description of the modification I had to make for the added
> capability follows:

> - The state machine implemented in TelnetInputStream has been
> extended to support option subnegotiation (can be reused for
> implementing support for more option requiring subnegotiation) - The
> Telnet base class has been extended to drive the subnegotiation
> sending the terminal type to the other telnet party when requested -
> A new constructor has been added to the TelnetClient class, which
> accepts a String specifying the terminal type (the default terminal
> type is "VT100", which is took when using the empty construvtor).

> I think this functionality could potentially be interesting for
> other users of the library, so I would like to propose that the
> updated sources be included in the Jakarta code base.

> Also, I think that the support for subnegotiating options can be
> reused for implementing support for other telnet options. I think
> that the best way to do this could be defining a java interface for
> managing options and letting users of the library define their own
> class for managing options.

> Any comment will be greatly appreciated.  Bruno D'Avanzo

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