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From (Jeffrey D. Brekke)
Subject Re: Adding TERMINAL-TYPE option to TelnetClient
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2003 05:24:15 GMT


I just finally had some time to look at your patches and I am
attempting to look at the tests and learn about the
implementation/functionality.  A couple of initial observations:

* TelnetClientExample3 uses the TestTeslnetServer and that class is in
  the src/test tree.  I can't build with maven when this is the case.
  Maybe we could use the spy stuff on an existing server instead of
  the test server or just provide test cases instead of examples (
  this is something I've been thinking about for all the *examples*,
  or converting them to documentation or something ).

* Some of the tests use System.out/err and do alot in the setUp()
  methods ( TelnetClientTest ).  Maybe restructuring some of these
  test may be in order.

* Possibly defining an abstract test case for the option handlers and
  have most tests done there.  Then each descedendin test case just
  creates the fixtures that will be tested. ( see the parser abstract
  test case ).

* The code style conventions should be followed. ( minor )

* Some code doesn't have licenses on them. ( minor )

The functional tests are nice to see in there, but I suppose we'll
need to find out a way to skip them at compile time for users who
build but don't have access to get to the internet.

Thanks again for your work and I apologize for taking so long to look
at it.  I've just scratched the surface of what you've written!
Hopefully more info to come as I have time.  Thanks for your


>>>>> On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:43:08 +0100, "" <>

> Hi, I added yet another functionality to TelnetClient, which is very
> handy to debug: You can spy what's going on in the TelnetClient
> session by registering to it an OutputStream. TelnetClient will copy
> all the session activity on the registered outputstream.

> - TelnetClient: added two new methods (registerSpyStream(),
> stopSpyStream()) - Telnet: Added new methods to manage the spy
> stream - TelneInputStream: calls a Telnet's method to copy the
> received chars on the output stream

> - TelnetClientExample3: It is a new example showing the use of
> registerSpyStream() an stopSpyStream(). It opens a telnet connection
> to a server, then listen to port 3333. Just connect to port 3333
> with an external telnet, then type SPY on the TelnetClientExample3
> terminal and you will see all the TelnetClient traffic copied on the
> telnet connection to port 3333. UNSPY will stop spying the
> connection.

> I enclose another patch which includes all the preceeding + the new
> spy stream functionality (sources + JUnit tests).  Again, sorry for
> sending so many versions of this patch, I'm just adding the
> functions I need one at a time when I have got some free time to do
> that.  If you ave some comments or need some explanation, please
> contact me.

> Bruno

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