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From Jeff Barrett <>
Subject Re: Commons SQL Proposal
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 17:34:25 GMT
You may also want to contact the folks at

Les Hazlewood wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> Daniel Rall, Jason van Zyl, and James Strachan, et al.,
> Hi, my name is Les Hazlewood, and I've been working with Java, SQL, and 
> XML for quite a while now.  I have started my own XML -> DDL converter 
> project on sourceforge, as I wasn't aware that the Commons SQL project 
> existed (otherwise, I wouldn't have started from scratch).
> My project name is DewDrop ( and I've incorporated 
> much of the same functionality as you folks, but in different areas.  I 
> believe that DewDrop will have much needed functionality that isn't 
> available in Commons SQL.
> My ultimate goal of DewDrop was to be adopted by the Jakarta project...I 
> had this in mind from the very start after reviewing tools like OJB and 
> Torque.  It was my intention to create something more powerful for 
> databases for the Jakarta community.  I just wanted to get a fairly well 
> designed product with basic functionality working first before I 
> submitted my proposal to the Jakarta group.
> Ultimately, since we have the same common goal, I would like to know if 
> there is a possibility of merging our efforts.  I believe my XSD data 
> model definitions for SQL DDL are more complex and provide the user more 
> power than the ones offered by Commons SQL (although its not complete 
> yet).  Also, database configurations are defined in XML files, thereby 
> eliminating the need to develop custom classes for Oracle, Postgres, etc.
> However, Commons SQL has more power in the area of direct database 
> interaction (execution of inserts, etc).  DewDrop currently only handles 
> XML -> DDL conversion.  I would love to see if there is something we can 
> do to merge efforts.
> I have been using Jakarta products for years, and this seems like the 
> next step for my efforts, should the community accept them.
> I urge you to visit the dewdrop website ( and see 
> if our ideas coincide.  Please let me know of your thoughts, comments, 
> concerns....I'd love to hear any feedback you may have.
> Thanks so much,
> Les Hazlewood

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