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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Exception stack trace order
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2003 05:18:03 GMT

The Exception-order bug #14357 needs some closure. Basically, when given a
collection of Exceptions to print the stack trace of, which order do we
choose to go in.

The JDK 1.4 Exceptions do it from the highest exception to the lowest
exception. We do it the other way. I like our way in some cases, in JBoss
it often annoys me to see the stack-trace cut off because it has gone
beyond a certain length, and I cannot see the actual cause of the
exception. The author of this bug however has a preference for the JDK way
as it shows the highest meaning at the top, which is more meaningful to a
user [not that they should be looking at an exception].

However, I agree that a highest->lowest makes sense as this is the way a
developer would expect to read it.

As well as the direction, it strikes me that there's another issue.
Whether to show the stack-trace for all exceptions in the list, or to show
a message for one of them. I think it almost calls for an ExceptionFormat
object :)

Anyway, our default behaviour should probably match the JDK. I seem to
recall we were in favour of this before, as we disliked the
static-solution suggested by the Bugzilla entry.

All in favour?


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