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From Richard Sitze <>
Subject Re: [commons-logging] Is log4j the only choice if found on the classpath?
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 23:28:33 GMT
I think some work was done to alleviate the 'forced' Log4J... are you 
using a released build, or a nightly build?  If the first, try a 
nightly... if it still happens (re)open a bugzilla bug report.

Richard A. Sitze
IBM WebSphere WebServices Development


I am trying to find out how to define that a specific Logger is used 
while using the
commons-logging framework.

I started to define a file and put it on my 
classpath. The test properties file looks as follows (BTW: is there a 
place in the
API doc where the file and all the possible 
is explained?):





I appears to me that I can switch between the Jdk14Logger and the 
LogKitLogger as long
as no log4j jar file is on the path.  As soon as I put  log4j-1.2.4.jar 
(or log4j.jar
and log4j-core.jar) in addition on the path, changes in the properties 
file indicating that
a different logger from log4j should be used, as for  example 
LogKitLogger, seem
not to be noticed by the commons-logging framework.

Am I missing something?  I would like to be able to switch between all 
the three if necessary
without removing log4j jars from the path.


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