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From "" <>
Subject Re: Adding TERMINAL-TYPE option to TelnetClient
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:37:17 GMT
>I have looked at your one of your last submission, and just haven't
>had time to look in detail, sorry.  I'll try to look today/tomorrow
>though.  One other minor point, maybe in this latest patch you have,
>but could you try providing some test cases or are you using the
>Telnet example as a sort of smoke test for the changes?

Hi Jeffrey,

I think that the simplest way is to use the Telnet examples as a test for the new funtionality.
I'll review the examples to see if they cover all the new stuff.
I have been thinking about providing test cases: the problem is we should have a telnet server
with a controlled behaviour (one for which we can set option managing properties) to define
true test cases for the new functionalities. As we are going to test how TelnetClient implements
the protocol (option negotiation and subnegotiation) we should have the possibility to set
up the test cases (and look at the result) at the protocol level.
I tried to find the original test suites for commons net (because the original test for TelnetClient
should have the same problem) but couldn't find it. Can you please send me a link to it? The
idea could be modifying it for the new stuff...


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