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From "" <>
Subject Re: Adding TERMINAL-TYPE option to TelnetClient
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:01:56 GMT
Hi to all,

In the last days I already submitted a patch for an extended version
of TelnetClient supporting TERMINAL-TYPE and a second patch
containing the same + a bug fix for a previous problem of TelnetClient.

This new patch contains all the preceeding changes + some new
functionality that has been added to TelnetClient. Please, if
you didn't already look at the preceeding patches, ignore them
and take a look at this new version.


- built-in support for TERMINAL-TYPE
- Support for an external, user provided, option handler (the
option handler is defined by implementing in a user class the new
TelnetOptionHandler interface. A SimpleTelnetOptionHandler class
is already provided.
- Synchronous sendAYT() method checking for status of a telnet
- getLocalOptionState() & getRemoteOptionState() methods for
checking the state of the negotiated options on both ends of
the telnet session.

A brief description of the patch:

- TelnetOptionHandler is a new interface that defines the interface
that must be implemented to plug into TelnetClient a user provided
option handling logic.
- SimpleTelnetOptionHandler is a simple class implementing
TelnetOptionHandler which can be used for typical telnet communication
- TelnetInputStream has been modifies to handle option subnegotiation
and AYT response checking.
- Telnet has been modified by adding new constructors, for handling
TERMINAL-TYPE and for driving the control of option negotiation
through the user provided TelnetOptionHandler instance.
- TelnetClient has been modified by adding new constructors and
interface methods.
- TelnetClientExample1 is an example terminal that uses an external
TelnetOptionHandler and demonstrates use of sendAYT(),
getLocalOptionState(), getRemoteOptionState().
- TelnetClientExample2 is the same example terminal without use of
the external option handler but using the built in TERMINAL-TYPE

Please, for any comments or doubts on this patch contact me
without hesitation.
Also, if this is not the right procedure to submit a patch,
please give me a hint on how to do that.

Best regards,
Bruno D'Avanzo

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