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From Gary Gregory <>
Subject RE: [lang] scope for version 2
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 23:16:53 GMT
I am glad to hear that we are moving toward a release. 

Is there more than one Gary here? ;-) I plan on merging some patches in the
.builder package and fixing
I had not planned on being in StringUtils but will help if needed. 

>New methods in ExceptionUtils  [A thread started by Gary]
You mean Henri? As in


-----Original Message-----
From: Henri Yandell []
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2003 2:28 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: [lang] scope for version 2

Been a while since the last one of these, so I expect a few bits to be
missing. Feel free to chime in on things I've missed:

Next release will be Lang 2.0.

> > I'm going to assume that all and any bugfixes which have gone in since
> > v1.0.1 release on existing classes will goto 2.0. Also that we will take
> > another swing at the Bugzilla list before a 2.0 release, including the
> > nested stack-trace order question.

 Lang 2.0 scope:
  Fraction. Various ranges. Bugfix in NumberRange.

   BitField: Mature class used in POI. Need to confer with POI on this.
   Validate: It tests boolean possibilities and throws
IllegalArgumentExceptions if they are false.

   There is obviously a clash with Collections here, which Lang seeks to
resolve. Also there is a clash with Rodney's [Functor] package. From what
I understand, despite the similar naming, [Functor] goes a lot further
into the concepts than .functor does, with .functor being a simpler setup
etc. I'm going on hearsay though, not having looked at the code yet.

 Not in scope:
org.apache.commons.lang.Notif*   [DELETED]

The order of stack-traces in ExceptionUtils.  [see Bugzilla]
New trim method variants in StringUtils.  [see Bugzilla]
New methods in ExceptionUtils  [A thread started by Gary]
null handling in StringUtils

chomp changing in StringUtils  [Alex]
StringUtils performance handling  [submitted privately to my email]

join(.., char) methods  [Henning's baby]

Enum issues    [Stephen's been fielding these]
Builder issues [Again, Stephen's area]

I'll work on improving these with bug#'s next and resend.

Afaik, Lang is:


Status of coders:

Alex and Gary are both patching into StringUtils at the moment.
Robert is working on reflect.
Henri/Stephen, worrying about 2.0.
Daniel is usually pretty busy at work, but is our wise Apache backbone


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