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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject [logging] Moving Towards A 1.0.3 Release
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 00:23:26 GMT

A lot of people are interested in an updated release of commons-logging
that incorporates post-1.0.2 bugfixes.  In order to do so, we need to
address the following outstanding bug reports -- I've described my own
recommendations on dealing with them in indented paragraphs marked
"CRM>>>" -- we need to come to consensus on the actions to take and them
implement them in order to reach a 1.0.3 release quickly:

13201 Remove default log4j configuration

      CRM>>> I agree.  The code in Log4JLogger.initialize() violates
      the basic scope of commons-logging, which states  "The basic
      principle is that the user is totally responsible for the
      configuration of the underlying logging system.  Commons-logging
      whould not change the existing configuration."  As an alternative
      to the application explicitly configuring things, logging
      implementations should provide auto-configuration mechanisms
      (for Log4J, that means recognizing the existence of the
      "" resource and using it.)

      Similar code exists in the deprecated Log4JCategoryLogger class,
      and should be removed from there as well.

16880 Language specs violation in Commons Logging 1.0.2 in class

      CRM>>> I haven't investigated this one yet, but we'll want to
      make sure we do not introduce any security-related vulnerabilities
      in dealing with it.

17561 LogFactoryImpl.guessConfig overrides configuration

      CRM>>> As the bug report points out, we currently mess up the
      Log4J configuration even if you explicitly select SimpleLog.
      Dealing with 13201 will fix part of that; as a further step I
      would like to deprecate Log4jFactory and the way that it is
      created as a proxy for the standard LogFactoryImpl.  It seems
      to add zero value, and only obfuscates the code -- anything
      specific that we need should be possible in the base class.
      I'd like to see Log4jFactory removed in 1.1, because
      LogFactoryImpl should be capable of doing everything.

17894 Unable to configure commons-logging SimpleLog for a webapp

      Other than the part about getting the manifest created
      correctly (which I've fixed), this *appears* to be a duplicate
      of 17561.

What do you guys think on these issues?


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