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Subject Re: Data Transformer Proposal
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 04:00:41 GMT

The XML Data transformer will be a buffer between the
application code and the actual transformer
implementation. The actual implementation might be
Castor, JAXB or Digester etc. The implementation will
be selected based on users setting be it System
Property, Services Discovery etc. Very similar to
I have done some coding since I think this is very

And By the way, I checked Morphos and there wasnt any
code available in the CVS.


PS : There arent EDI - Java open source transformers
yet. However there is a sort of freeware called 
OBOE (Open Business Objects for EDI) from 

I like this idea.  Would this be a front end to things
like Castor and 
Digester, or would they move to this component?

Also, do you already have a codebase you have in mind
for this?

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

P.S. Out of curiosity, are you familiar with any open
source EDI 
transformation code? wrote:

>Commons Data Transformer - Sandbox Component proposal
>Data Transformation is essential part of day to day
>computing, whether it is xml-to-xml transformation,
>xml-to-java transformation, edi-to-java transformation
>Lets take a simple example of xml-to-java
>transformation (or vice versa)
>There are several implementations : Castor, JAXB to
>name a few. Usage of these introduces dependencies on
>the implementation. 
>This immediately draws similarity with commons-logging.
>Commons-Logging acts as a Adapter between the user code
>and the implementation, freeing the user code from
>Log4J and J2SE Logging imports. (Thus allowing plug and
>play logging at the code level.)
>A similar approach for Data transformations in general
>(xml-to-java objects in particular) is highly
>desirable. Programmers like to access in memory Java
>object representations of external data.
>Hence I propose a Commons "Data Transformer", freeing
>the user from implementation specific imports. I
>envision Commons Data transformer will perform
>"x-to-java" (direct transform) and "java-to-x" (inverse
>transform) transformations.
>PS : It is interesting to note that certain kinds of
>Configuration are really a subset of data

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