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Subject Data Transformer Proposal
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2003 04:06:55 GMT
Commons Data Transformer - Sandbox Component proposal

Data Transformation is essential part of day to day
computing, whether it is xml-to-xml transformation,
xml-to-java transformation, edi-to-java transformation

Lets take a simple example of xml-to-java
transformation (or vice versa)
There are several implementations : Castor, JAXB to
name a few. Usage of these introduces dependencies on
the implementation. 
This immediately draws similarity with commons-logging.
Commons-Logging acts as a Adapter between the user code
and the implementation, freeing the user code from
Log4J and J2SE Logging imports. (Thus allowing plug and
play logging at the code level.)

A similar approach for Data transformations in general
(xml-to-java objects in particular) is highly
desirable. Programmers like to access in memory Java
object representations of external data.

Hence I propose a Commons "Data Transformer", freeing
the user from implementation specific imports. I
envision Commons Data transformer will perform
"x-to-java" (direct transform) and "java-to-x" (inverse
transform) transformations.

PS : It is interesting to note that certain kinds of
Configuration are really a subset of data


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