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From Patrick Schoonveld <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] performance problem w/ FTPClient
Date Sun, 16 Mar 2003 00:41:23 GMT

The big reason for me to use ASCII mode versus binary
is EBCDIC. I need to transfer largish files (11-30mb)
from an workstation for processing on a mainframe box.
if I were to transfer them in ASCII mode, they
wouldn't be automagically converted and the mainframe
would throw a fit.

I, personally, think that that filtering is something
that should be able to be shut off.  But, most of the
issue could be sorted by changed the I/O segment of
the code.


--- "Daniel F. Savarese" <> wrote:
> I forgot to add that my comment doesn't mean that
> the ASCII transfers
> couldn't be optimized.  It's probably better to read
> the file in big
> chunks, scan the chunks and translate to another
> buffer (twice the
> size to handle the degenerate case of every
> character being a line
> feed), and write that buffer. 
> ToNetASCIIOutputStream calls write(int ch)
> from write(byte[]), which is bad if the underlying
> output stream isn't
> buffered.  Although ToNetASCIIOutputStream could be
> improved, the real
> culprit is FTPClient.__storeFileStream(), which does
> the following
>         if (__fileType == ASCII_FILE_TYPE)
>             output = new
> ToNetASCIIOutputStream(output);
> instead of
>         if (__fileType == ASCII_FILE_TYPE)
>             output = new ToNetASCIIOutputStream(new
> BufferedOutputStream(output));
> FTPClient.__storeFile() doesn't make that mistake. 
> I'll make the change in
> __storeFileStream(), but some performance testing
> would be necessary to arrive
> at appropriate buffer sizes.
> daniel
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