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From "Mario Ivankovits" <>
Subject Re: [VFS] FtpFileSystem and passive connections
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 08:02:59 GMT
> >1) switch to passive mode by environment setting and code this in =
> >"FTPClient.createConnection()"
> >- this is an global setting, but it might depend on the destination host
> >what of active/passive has to be selected
> There is no createConnection() method in FTPClient (assuming you're
> about Commons Net).  Second, there is little chance we're going to make
No, i was talking about "org.apache.commons.vfs.provider.ftp.FtpFileSystem",
there is the createConnection function. This was a mistake by me.

> FTPClient behavior dependent on hardcoded system properties.  The approach
> in Commons Net is to make behavior programmatically defined (i.e., through
> the API)
Yes, i have learnt this now.

>Messing with FTPClient is the wrong thing to do.
I agree.

What i meant wasnt "FTPClient.createConnection()", instead
"FtpFileSystem.createConnection()", sorry FTPClient is the return type of
this function.

Beside the "how to switch to passive connection" problem in VFS there comes,
that there sould not be any proxy support for FTP in the NET package. I
agree, if they wont it since there is no "standard" way for this, anyway,
this doesnt solve my problem.
So maybe VFS should be able to handle such urls

Do you agree.

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