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From "Mario Ivankovits" <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] Please let us start to improve the connection pool
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:58:33 GMT
> I use thread locals this way in web applications :
> MyServlet extends SomeServlet{
...cut ...

1) This helps you to access this connection on any place within your thread,
good. But if the pool gets back the connection the thread do not loose the
instance of the pooled-connection, and so, it is possible, that two threads
uses the same connection. This happens only if you use the abandoned
configuration !!!

2) Sometimes it is needet to use two connections within one request. e.g. to
write to an log, to implement some numbercycle in the database. These have
to be commited without affecting any other db transaction, and so a new
connection is requested from the pool.

We do also have a single point where we pass back the connections needet for
the main request, and all other connections like connections to write to an
db log, or the numbercycle are also capsuled very good.

I know, the case were the pool might run into the abandoned connection
situation are very rare.
I think about this feature more like an "last exit" if an programmer has
made an mistake, and it helps in debugging with the stacktrace.

But to use these abandoned connection configuration in real life there are
more other things todo, e.g. reset the idle time in certain situation e.g., prev(), ...
And maybe it is one of the "90% time spent in programming for 10% of the
problems", so i have disabled this function in my configuration.
As a consequence i vote for deprecate this feature to avoid this discussion
come up in the future again.


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