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From Janek Bogucki <>
Subject Re: [latka] ways to handle common tests
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 17:51:20 GMT
Hi Richard,

> Does anyone have any ideas on good ways to handle units of common test
> code in Latka?
> For example: login to an application.  You may need to have a test user
> log in to an application before running certain tests, and it would be
> good to be able to code this common HTTP request in just one place and
> reuse it across many tests.  E.g.,
> <session>
> <request>
> ... other tests here
> </request> ....
> </session>
> It's hackable (maybe) with a DTD/entity ("&login"), but I'm not
> comfortable with that.  I wondering if there's a mechanism for some kind
> of "include" expression?  Something like: <include file="login.xml"/>
> for the login magic?
> Another option might be to call the login magic from a JUnit setUp()
> method, but it seems more natural (to me) to have it in a Latka .xml file.
> Any thoughts would be much appreciated
> Richard

Why not use an entity (as you suggest)? It's functionally indentical to the
<include> element.

Otherwise, you may want to explore the Jelly integration work, available via
CVS, which as far as I know will give you some options to do this sort of
thing in a scripting fashion.


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