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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [BeanUtils] Adding ConverterSet
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 18:50:00 GMT
hi erik

beanutils is on a bit of an unofficial code freeze at the moment (only bug 
fixes)  since we need to release a 1.6.1 version soon to fix a problem in 
1.6 (which breaks maven and jelly). if you could put your ideas on hold 
for a few days until this release is out the way, then i'd be glad to talk 
about refactoring then (if you're willing to hang around).

- robert

On Saturday, February 8, 2003, at 12:45 AM, wrote:

> I am using BeanUtils.copyProperties(Object dest, Object orig)  to copy 
> from
> my "view" beans to my dto beans, and vica versa. I find that I need to 
> apply
> slightly different rules based on which direction I am going.  I would 
> like to
> add the idea of a "ConverterSet" to beanutils, and plan on passing up the
> changes, if anyone is interested.
> Here are the changes I am looking at:
> Add a new ConverterSet class, which will contain a hashmap of Converter
> objects, and a name, as well as lookup and set methods for Converters.
> Add a new method in BeanUtils with the signature copyProperties(Object 
> dest,
> Object orig, ConverterSet converterSet). The current copyProperties(Object
> dest, Object orig) will chain to this new method, using a default 
> ConverterSet.
> There will be many other methods in BeanUtils and ConvertUtils which will 
> also
> have to undergo the same transition- i.e. copyProperty(Object bean, String
> name, Object value), etc..
> In ConvertUtils, I will add a "Converter lookup(Class clazz, ConverterSet
> converterSet)" method, along with register(...), etc. Basically 
> everything that
> currently does a lookup on the converters variable inside of ConvertUtils 
> will
> be changed to allow the specification of a ConverterSet, and the default 
> will
> be used if none is specified.
> I will add a utility method on ConvertUtils to retrieve a given 
> ConverterSet:
> public static ConverterSet getConverterSet(String setName)
> That should all be pretty straight forward and will maintain backwards
> compatability.
> There is a chance for a larger refactoring here.. It might be appropriate 
> to
> move some of the functionality from ConvertUtils into this new 
> ConverterSet
> object, for example setDefaultDouble(double value) (and then deprecating 
> those
> methods on ConvertUtils). Which would yield something like:
> ConverterSet converterSet = ConvertUtils.getConverterSet("FormToDTO");
> converterSet.setDefaultBoolean(false);
> instead of:
> ConverterSet converterSet = ConvertUtils.getConverterSet("FormToDTO");
> converterUtils.setDefaultBoolean(false,converterSet);
> (or use ConvertUtils.getDefaultConverterSet() to get the default set..)
> On a side note, I initially thought I could use the name of the 
> ConverterSet in
> such situations, and do something like:
> converterUtils.setDefaultBoolean(false,"FormToDTO");
> However, that got me in trouble inside BeanUtils, because overloading 
> some of
> the methods with an additional String produced a method signature that was
> already in use. Hence the requirement for a ConverterSet object.
> I wanted to run this by the list because I would rather have input now 
> before I
> make a lot of changes, rather than after I make them :)   If anyone has 
> strong
> opinions/comments/suggestions I would appreciate the feedback -- 
> particularly
> in regards to whether to expose the ConverterSet functionality through the
> ConvertUtils (seems more in line with how the library currently works), or
> whether to expose it through ConverterSet (seems more OO) .  My 
> preference is
> the latter of those two options, however it means fiddling with a public 
> API,
> which might upset people...
> Thanks.
> -Erik
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