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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [betwixt][patch] SAXBeanWriter [Was Re: [patch] SAXBeanWriter}
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 21:18:37 GMT
hi Jakob

if you're still around, you might like to try with CVS HEAD (or wait for a 
new nightly). hopefully, the refactored code should solve your problem.

- robert

On Friday, February 14, 2003, at 01:38 PM, Jakob Praher wrote:

>> in future, could you please prefix posts about betwixt with
>> [betwixt] and could you make sure that you use a -u diff (see
>> commons/patches.html). thanks.
> ok. thanks for the pointer.
>> i've applied your second patch in a modified form - i've added a
>> property (rather than a constructor). hope this it ok.
> it's even better, since it can be triggered on alredy constructed
> instances...
>> as for the first, i think i need a little more time to think
>> about this. my reading of the SAX specification indicates that
>> the current behaviour is correct (since betwixt doesn't really
>> support namespaces). on the other hand, i think that maybe
>> applying this patch is the right thing to do since a lot of
>> application rely on local name being set.
> I think it depends.
> I have looked again on the SAX website and I come to the following
> conclusion: []
> the "" for localName should only be used if the contentHandler has
> disabled namespace support.
> ie. ""
> I think this can't be said here, since it applies to the Parser
> configuration, which we have no control when given just a ContentHandler
> interface to write to.
> and as in the second patch, when you embed your fragment in an existing
> tree you can't tell whether the contentHandler requires namespace
> support.
> so I would heavily +1 for using the qName==localName, since you are
> always on the safe side:
> if the consumer is not capable of namespaces, it doesn't matter since
> the consumer will only use the qName.
> on the other hand if the consumer is capable of handling namespaces it
> works too.
> -- Jakob
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