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From Ceki Gülcü <>
Subject Re: [CLI] new design possibly?
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2003 21:58:29 GMT

On  2003-02-07 23:19:26, "Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:

 >> How are they configured? (excuse my ignorance)
 >Do you mean "how does a webapp configure it's own usage of
 >commons-logging"?  That's typically done by supplying a
 > in /WEB-INF/classes, or in a JAR file inside
 >/WEB-INF/lib (either of which makes it visible to the webapp class
 >loader).  The discovery mechanisms in LogFactory are very carefully
 >crafted to make this work in a way that allows for independent
 >configuration at the per-class-loader level.


You give the impression that all is quiet on the Western front. My
impression is that the "carefully crafted" discovery mechanism in
commons-logging and its arrangement in Tomcat 4.1.x are far from
serene. For example, take bug #17323. The superposition of the logging
bug plus the real cause and make it excruciatingly hard to determine
the origin of the problem.


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