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From Jeff Mesnil <>
Subject [DBCP] support of XA protocol?
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:57:54 GMT

I'm a developper on JOTM[1], a Java Open Source Transaction Manager.

I'm currently trying to integrate it to Tomcat (in a similar way than for Tyrex).
However, given that JOTM is *only* a transaction manager, I also need a DB 
resource manager supporting XA protocol.
To do so I use a JDBC wrapper written by Enhydra and used in JOnAS.

I'd like to know if there's any plan to support XA in DBCP so that Tomcat users 
can take advantage of for DBCP for JDBC management and JOTM for transactions.
I've searched on the mailing list but haven't been successful...


p.s.: if you're interested to see how to integrate JOTM in Tomcat, I've written 
an howto[2] based on the JNDI DataSources howto[3].

For the moment, there's still a little configuration problem in JOTM (which 
doesn't prevent to already use it with Tomcat) but once it is fixed, I'll 
release a version of JOTM.

In the mean time, you can checkout CVS version of JOTM if you want to give it a 
try (see JOTM installation guide[4]).


Jeff Mesnil	INRIA - ObjectWeb Consortium
email: jmesnil at

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