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From Richard Dallaway <>
Subject [latka] ways to handle common tests
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 11:29:12 GMT
Does anyone have any ideas on good ways to handle units of common test 
code in Latka?

For example: login to an application.  You may need to have a test user 
log in to an application before running certain tests, and it would be 
good to be able to code this common HTTP request in just one place and 
reuse it across many tests.  E.g.,

     ... other tests here
   </request> ....

It's hackable (maybe) with a DTD/entity ("&login"), but I'm not 
comfortable with that.  I wondering if there's a mechanism for some kind 
of "include" expression?  Something like: <include file="login.xml"/> 
for the login magic?

Another option might be to call the login magic from a JUnit setUp() 
method, but it seems more natural (to me) to have it in a Latka .xml file.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated

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