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From "Arik Levin ( Tikal )" <>
Subject commons-validator too strict ?
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 12:01:25 GMT

	Hi all.

	I'm using struts 1.1b3 with Validator as plug-in.

	The thing is that I have dynamic data which I get from the DB, so to
build static validation.xml is not an option for me. My solution was 	to
use commons-validator API to maintain the ValidatorResources.
	What I don't get is why the API is so strict about it. The commons-
validator API is all about addFoo/putFoo or getFoo.
	Why it's not open to setFoo like setFormset, or gives an access to
the hFormSets...?
	I need to be able to fully maintain the resources.
	If I'm wrong about the model concept please enlighten me.
	I have already extended the struts FormTag and written custom tag
which add to the ValidatorResources the fields dynamically. But I
don't have full access to the ValidatorResources. I'm planning to
extend the API. 
	I just wanted to know if there's other way to solve my problem.

	Best Regards 

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