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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject httpclient client certificate authentication
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:53:41 GMT

I was looking into using the httpclient in an
application that requires client certificate
authentication.  According to the JSSE documentation,
the mechanism for doing this is to get your
SSLSocketFactory from an SSLContext, which allows you
to specify the KeyManager and TrustManager.  I plan on
writing my own implementation of the
SecureProtocolSocketFactory that takes a SSLContext as
an argument for a constructor and has a
SSLSocketFactory field.  I just thought I'd pass this
along as it might be a nice addition to
SSLProtocolSocketFactory.  I have no need of it, but
if anyone has an idea of how to specify a particular
HostNameVerifier similar to SUN's method in
HttpsUrlConnection, that might also be a nice

BTW, if anyone has a strong opinion on whether I
should even consider http-client for my application,
please feel free to share it with me.  I realize it's
only at alpha2, but my options have pretty well been
narrowed down to rolling my own feature starved
httpclient, mucking about with the client,
or using the commons-httpclient.



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