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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs applications.xml features.xml index.xml releases.xml
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2003 01:41:49 GMT
jsdever     2003/02/07 17:41:49

  Modified:    httpclient/xdocs applications.xml features.xml index.xml
  Documentation updates.
  - add link to nogoop product comparison
  - added many more http client powered entries to the applications page
  - reminder in the releases.xml to build with java 1.2
  - minor fixups to the index.xml
  Contributed by: Jeff Dever
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.8       +40 -11    jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/applications.xml
  Index: applications.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/applications.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.7
  retrieving revision 1.8
  diff -u -r1.7 -r1.8
  --- applications.xml	26 Jan 2003 22:31:30 -0000	1.7
  +++ applications.xml	8 Feb 2003 01:41:49 -0000	1.8
  @@ -19,37 +19,66 @@
  -        <dt><a href="">Jakarta Slide</a></dt>
  +        <dt><a href="">Jakarta Slide</a></dt>
  -          An open source Web-DAV client.
  +          Jakarta Slide is an open-source project composed of multiple modules tied
  +          together using WebDAV. It includes a CM API, a WebDAV server, WebDAV client
  +          APIs, J2EE compliant stores and more.
  -        <dt><a href="">Jakarta Commons
  +        <dt><a href="">Jakarta Commons
  -          An open source functional testing tool.
  +          Latka is a functional (end-to-end) testing tool. It is implemented in Java, and
uses an XML syntax 
  +          to define a series of HTTP (or HTTPS) requests and a set of validations used
to verify that the 
  +          request was processed correctly.
  -        <dt>Operator Simulation Tool</dt>
  +        <dt><a href="">Nortel Networks</a></dt>
  -          A testing tool for server side performance and scalability used internally by

  -          <a href="">Nortel Networks</a> inc.
  +          Operator Simulation Tool (OST) - A server side performance and scalability testing
  +          uses HttpClient to drive loads to web based server applications.
           <dt><a href="">HtmlUnit</a></dt>
  -          A testing tool for web based applications. 
  +          HtmlUnit is a java unit testing framework for testing web based applications.
  +          HtmlUnit models the returned document so that you deal with pages and forms and
           <dt><a href="">Jakarta Cactus</a></dt>
  -          A framework for unit testing server-side java code.
  +           Cactus is a simple test framework for unit testing server-side java code.
  +           The intent of Cactus is to lower the cost of writing tests for server-side code.
  +        </dd>
  +        <dt><a href="">JSR147</a></dt>
  +        <dd>
  +          Workspace Versioning and Configuration Management.
  +          (implementation not finalized but considering Slide and HttpClient)
  +        </dd>
  +        <dt><a href="">NOSE Applied Intelligence ag</a></dt>
  +        <dd>
  +          HttpClient is used in a number of applications:
  +          <ol>
  +            <li>ACE: A groupware (fat client) and document management system for
closed user groups for project management, e-learning etc. HttpClient is used for communication
between the user client and server to transfer XML messages.</li>
  +            <li>Desktop Navigator: Company wide, centrally managed "bookmark list"
that integrates in the Desktop. HttpClient is used to check links.</li>
  +            <li>Backend of a Webapp for a major swiss airline. HttpClient gets XML
data from the business layer.</li>
  +          </ol>
  +        </dd>
  +        <dt><a href="">MindIQ's Design-a-Course</a></dt>
  +        <dd>
  +          Design-a-Course, a quick, easy, and inexpensive e-learning software tool allows
novice users to 
  +          create sophisticated web-based training (WBT) courses within minutes.
         <hr width="50%"/>
           To have your application listed, write to
  -        <a href=""></a>.
  +        <a href="">
  1.9       +15 -3     jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/features.xml
  Index: features.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/features.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.8
  retrieving revision 1.9
  diff -u -r1.8 -r1.9
  --- features.xml	2 Feb 2003 05:11:18 -0000	1.8
  +++ features.xml	8 Feb 2003 01:41:49 -0000	1.9
  @@ -23,14 +23,14 @@
             <li>Transparent connections through HTTP proxies.
  -          <li>Authentication using Basic, an the encrypting NTLM (NT Lan Manager)
  +          <li>Authentication using Basic, Digest and the encrypting NTLM (NT Lan
Manager) methods.
             <li>Multi-Part form POST for uploading large files.
             <li>Pluggable secure sockets implementations, making it easier to use third
party solutions
             <li>Automatic Cookie handling for reading Set-Cookie: headers from the
server and sending
  -            them back out in a Cookie: hader when appropriate.
  +            them back out in a Cookie: header when appropriate.
             <li>Request output streams to avoid buffering any content body by streaming
               directly to the socket to the server.
  @@ -79,6 +79,18 @@
               Form-based File Upload in HTML
  +      </p>
  +    </section>
  +    <section name="Product Comparision">
  +      <p>
  +        The HTTP protocol is so ubiquitous on the internet that you can find other
  +        client side implementations written in Java.  The jdk has the HttpUrlConnection
  +        which is limited and in many ways flawed.  This is one reason why Jakarta, and
  +        others free and commercial vendors, have implemented independant HTTP clients.
  +        One of those commercial vendors, nogoop, has a fair 
  +        <a href="">product comparison</a>
  +        to help you choose the right solution.
  1.9       +7 -4      jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/index.xml
  Index: index.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/index.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.8
  retrieving revision 1.9
  diff -u -r1.8 -r1.9
  --- index.xml	2 Feb 2003 05:11:18 -0000	1.8
  +++ index.xml	8 Feb 2003 01:41:49 -0000	1.9
  @@ -40,9 +40,12 @@
           the HTTP protocol for distributed communication.
  -        Based on the Http-client library a WebDAV API was developed (Jakarta slide).
  -        There are plans to implement JSR 147 (a standard Delta-V API) based on this
  -        implementation (currently not finally confirmed).
  +        There are many projects that use <em>HttpClient</em> to provide the
core HTTP functionality.
  +        Some of these are open source with project pages you can find on the web
  +        while others are closed source that you would never see or hear about.
  +        The Apache Source License provides maximum flexibility for source and binary
  +        reuse.  Please see the <a href="applications.html">Applications</a>
  +        for projects using <em>HttpClient</em>.
  1.7       +3 -2      jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/releases.xml
  Index: releases.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/httpclient/xdocs/releases.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.6
  retrieving revision 1.7
  diff -u -r1.6 -r1.7
  --- releases.xml	30 Jan 2003 23:29:39 -0000	1.6
  +++ releases.xml	8 Feb 2003 01:41:49 -0000	1.7
  @@ -67,7 +67,8 @@
           <li>Regenerate the binary distribution of the code by running
  -          <code>maven dist</code>.  Review the generated documentation
  +          <code>maven dist</code>.  Ensure that you use the lowest reasonable
  +          to do the build, 1.2.x.  Review the generated documentation
             to ensure that it correctly reflects the functionality (and the
             version number) of this code.<br/><br/></li>

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